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Networking Software Engineer Salary

A person in this position is responsible for project implementation, software delivery, capacity management, network support, new features implementation, and operations of the wireless core. Also, this person ensures that the wireless core network provides highly available service and the best voice and data experience for users. A wireless infrastructure and mobility specialist also delivers new services and projects efficiently and with flexibility to support the business and its customers. As with network security engineers, demand is also high for network security administrators.

Struggling to find cyber pros? Look to your network admins – Cybersecurity Dive

Struggling to find cyber pros? Look to your network admins.

Posted: Tue, 18 Oct 2022 14:29:21 GMT [source]

A network research and development specialist will research different network protocols, methodologies, and services in order to incorporate the latest technologies and configure a superior network system. Install firewall and security systems for safety from cyber attacks, or a third party accessing confidential information, and to manage a secure communication and connection within different networks.

What Network and Computer Systems Administrators Do

These estimates are available for the nation as a whole, for individual states, and for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The link below go to OEWS data maps for employment and wages by state and area. Network security specialists detect and prevent network security threats. A number of universities and other institutions offer network engineer training courses and programs. Several institutions offer certifications that can help boost professional credentials.

  • The estimated total pay for a Network Engineer at Microsoft is $180,063 per year.
  • The median annual wage for network and computer systems administrators was $80,600 in May 2021.
  • Additional pay could include bonus, stock, commission, profit sharing or tips.
  • Network managers fill a similar role but must train and direct network technicians.
  • Microsoft Senior Network Engineer salary is full-time annual starting salary.

These professionals need to have both technical skills and people skills, a combination that can be difficult for employers to find. They have the ultimate responsibility for overseeing corporate networks, but they also need to hire, train and manage the workers on the networking windows network engineer team. They might also need to meet with other business or IT leaders for discussions about strategy and budget. Network managers typically have a bachelor’s degree, several years of networking experience, professional certifications, and possibly also some management experience.

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To enhance the network system, a network administrator will be accountable to come up with analytical strategies and methods. The responsibility of a system administrator is to focus on the routine activities regarding networking and assist in configuring solutions for a smooth operational process.

windows network engineer salary

You can also build on your knowledge by becoming skilled in Linux as well as multiple vendors. Although programming isn’t a core requirement for becoming a network engineer, you’ll improve your abilities if you have experience in scripting network-related languages like Python, Bash and Perl. Experts advise that junior engineers take the time to master the core concepts of networking to ensure they have the right foundation. Expand your knowledge on areas like subnetting, spanning-tree and ARP before taking on advanced components like BGP route reflectors. The wage at which half of the workers in the occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. Median wage data are from the BLS Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics survey. The Similar Occupations tab describes occupations that share similar duties, skills, interests, education, or training with the occupation covered in the profile.


An advanced degree in IT security will give your career a boost as well as certifications like the CCNP Security, CISSP and CEH . The Work Environment tab includes the number of jobs held in the occupation and describes the workplace, the level of physical activity expected, and typical hours worked.

The Job Outlook tab describes the factors that affect employment growth or decline in the occupation, and in some instances, describes the relationship between the number of job seekers and the number of job openings. Information Security Analysts Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. Computer Hardware Engineers Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components. Occupational employment projections are developed for all states by Labor Market Information or individual state Employment Projections offices. All state projections data are available at Information on this site allows projected employment growth for an occupation to be compared among states or to be compared within one state. In addition, states may produce projections for areas; there are links to each state’s websites where these data may be retrieved. The Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program produces employment and wage estimates annually for over 800 occupations.

How to Become a Network Engineer?

A networking research and development specialist might need to lift and transport heavy computer equipment, travel, or install networking cables or devices. The daily activity of a network specialist consists of overseeing groups of PCs that work together, while guaranteeing that users have the right networks based on their business needs. This may include collecting information on the network’s performance, keeping up on network security and fixing issues as they emerge. A network specialist may need to remove and install software and hardware as well as oversee training new network users and providing security authorizations. Network engineering remains one of the top technology fields in today’s job market.

ABN AMRO Bank pays the highest salary for the Windows Network Engineer position at $87,000 annually. Have a clear knowledge of the basics of networking and other specialties. On the list of specialist’s secondary tasks, the person is accountable for installing updated versions of firewall and security measures for enhanced protection. Work with different teams for efficient and effective communication of ideas regarding the working of different network components and operational work. Configure hardware and network equipment like routers, WAN accelerators, DHCP , switches, proxy servers, DNS .

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