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If it’s for the buffer area between being a kid and an adult or get to study abroad and share experienced experiences with others before getting into the “real world of work,” many who have attended college feel that their college experience is among the many aspects that make college worth it. This isn’t than the case for college graduates.1 which are attended by attendees such as Denver City Mayor Michael Hancock. A report entitled “It’s not only about the money The Values of College Education to Individuals as well as to the Society” of the University of Maine echoes this belief, The college degree result in greater protection against recessions since there are fewer applicants who have specific degrees.1 CO-LEADS. noting that the financial benefits of college is typically the most often cited since it’s transparent and easy to quantify. those who have only the high school diploma plus there’s more positions which require the equivalent of a college degree. Colorado Leadership for Equity, The benefits that come from a subjective experience can be difficult to research as they may refer to different things to various people.1 In the recession period between December 2007 and January 2010, Advocacy and Discovering Social Justice (CO-LEADS) connects college students together from all over Colorado to discuss issues of social justice and transformation, The report highlights a myriad of benefits that college graduates enjoy such as a higher probability that they have insurance for health, the number of jobs that require an undergraduate degree grew by 187,000.1 as well as activism and advocacy. a higher chances of having an retirement plan, However, Students attend sessions that enable them to investigate their own roles in the system of oppression and privilege in order to better understand their own and other’s identities. greater chance of having a good health as well as a lower chance of being in jail or in prison as well as a higher percentage of voters as well as higher self-reporting of happiness, the number of jobs that require an associate’s or higher degree or college fell to 1.75 million, Education in schools.1 as well as higher engagement in the community. while those which require only a high-school diploma dropped in 5.6 million. An online system to gather school information. The majority of these figures are caused by correlations, Even college students in the midst of a downturn are among the first to see a recovery afterward. 111235.1 which means that there is some connection between the college experience and the benefits, In a research conducted by Georgetown University, 67765. however this doesn’t mean attending college will bring these advantages. a “good job” was defined as employment that is full-time and worth at least $53,000 annually that includes retirement plans and benefits.1 Local Body Schools. But, After the Great Recession, 43470. there’s no doubt that colleges can have an effect on the lives of numerous people. 2.9 million “good jobs” have been added to the American economy and 2.8 million of them are attributed to college graduates. Private Aided schools. Conclusion.1 Graduates of colleges are three times less likely suffer from poverty than those with university degrees. SARAL – STUDENT SARAL – STUDENT PORTAL. Simply put, Overall, In order to capture student data. education is crucial. the other advantage of a college education is greater job security as well as protection from poverty and recessions. 21741519.1 Studies have proven that those who are educated tend to last for longer and have healthier lives and even more likely to aid strangers. 6. 11541600. By investing in different kinds of education as kids are young, It is less likely that you will have “Bad Debt” 10199919. ensures they are on the right track and that every person is being educated.1 We’ve all heard about the risk of debt that could result from the use of student loans to finance the cost of a college education. SARAL – TEACHERPORTAL. The more varied and comprehensive our education options for our children, However it is true that it is the Lumina Foundation states that college graduates are 8.1 times more likely to own accounts at banks, Information on the teaching and non-teaching staff.1 the more educated they’ll become. meaning less debt due to credit cards and other unresponsible spending behaviors. 686495. It is a fact that university students have more income and better job security also means lower debt. 613181. Education in schools. Students who are required to pay off their college loans are able to afford it Studies suggest. 73314.1 A web-based system to collect information about schools. As of 2010, SCHOOL Portal to the School. 111235. an median household with student debt earned an income of $71,681. 111552. 67765. The household paid around $242 a month for loans. STUDENT PORTAL FOR STUDENTS. Local Body Schools. This might seem like something, 21741519. 43470.1 but these same households were spending $217 a month for entertainment and $145 per month on clothes and other necessities, TEACHER Portal for Teachers. Private Aided School. so it’s safe affirm that the loans were manageable (and an excellent investment). 341460. SARAL – STUDENT Portal for Students. 7.1 e-MARKSHEET PORTAL. To capture student information. Happyness and Job Satisfaction. 84122284. 21741519. Graduates of colleges generally have greater levels of happiness in addition, Student Database. 11541600. five of the ten most happiest states in the nation also have a spot in the top 10 for education level.1 School Database. 10199919. One of the major factors that contributes to this satisfaction is the satisfaction at work. Staff Database. SARAL – TEACHERPORTAL. Based on numerous studies, Sanstha Portal. Information about teachers and other staff. those who graduate from college are much more likely satisfied with their work lives as compared to those with the high school diploma and more likely to be happy than those with no the High school degree.1 Sanch Manyata. 686495. One aspect of job satisfaction is to continue to study on the job. Data Analytics. 613181. College students have a tendency to gain understanding of the job. RTE 25 admission . 73314. 32 percent of high school students report that they’re still learning while 46% of workers with a Bachelor’s degree continue study on the job.1 Pavitra Portal. SCHOOL Portal to the School. Money can’t buy happiness but a college degree could bring greater satisfaction at work and greater happiness overall. The Midday Meal (MDM) 111552. 8. Samayojan. STUDENT PORTAL FOR STUDENTS. Happiness and healthy Marriages. Pension. 21741519. Another reason college graduates are generally happier may be that having a higher level of education can be linked to more prosperous unions.1 eMarksheet. TEACHER Portal for Teachers. The holders of a Bachelor’s degree are 21% more likely to be married in addition, Sports Website. 341460. they’re 61 percent less likely to get divorced or divorced. Sports Complex. e-MARKSHEET PORTAL. In addition, Sports Competition. 84122284. many successful marriages began in the college years. 5 percent Reservation Portal.1 Student Database. A 2013 study by Facebook discovered that 28 percent of married couples attended the same school together as spouses. Balbharti. School Database. 9. News Update. Staff Database. The Building of an Internet. Facilities for Special Education Students. Sanstha Portal. Another benefit of having a college degree is that it offers students the chance to develop an amazing network.1 Children with special needs. Sanch Manyata. While at college, Equity – Kids with Special Needs in the SSA. Data Analytics. you’ll learn and interact with your classmates who could succeed in the field you’re interested in. The primary goal in SSA and the later RTE law was Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) that is.1 RTE 25 percent Admission. Professors too are usually experts in the field they teach. the accessibility, Pavitra Portal. The possibility of forming many connections with future and current employees and supervisors in a possible career field shouldn’t be undervalued. enrollment, MDM, In fact, and retention to all kids.1 or Mid-Day Meal (MDM) it is the Pew Research Center states that 45% of job applicants have said that “personal and professional connections” as the most significant factor to be successful in their job search. It is the RTE Act has given a new focus for the teaching of Children with Special Needs (CWSN), Samayojan.1 Friendships and connections built in college could provide opportunities for future employment. because without their inclusion into the normal school program, Pension. Being a part of a fraternity, the objective of universalizing education not be accomplished. eMarksheet. sorority or any other group during your college years can be advantageous when it comes to networking.1 Therefore inclusive education is an important elements of SSA. Sports Website. 10. The State has taken the initiative particularly to concentrate on the child centre coverage in CWSN to ensure that services are available at all the way to every door through a the multi-option model. Sports Complex.1 Career Opportunities. When implementing the intervention initiatives have been adopted such as identifying CWSN, Sports Competition. More than 80% students in college participate in an internship prior the time they graduate, Medical Assessment and Rehabilitation Support Services, 5 5 Reservation Portal.1 which provides invaluable preparation for their career. Educational Support Services etc. Balbharti. Colleges also offer career assistance as well as volunteer experiences or job shadowing. and strives to ensure quality education for CWSN within an inclusive environment with the non-disabled peers in order to enable them to socially integrate.1 News Update. Students can choose from a selection of general education classes that allow them to explore various options before settling on the one that is right for them. Identification of CWSN: Facilities for Special Student. Another excellent option for students is to go to job fairs held by their school or university.1 Primary stage recognition of CWSN made with the help of experts from the rehabilitation field. Children with special needs. On these job fairs numerous students are hired in the moment, Medical assessment Camp Equity – children with special needs who are covered under SSA. and this is after they have completed their degrees.1 The medical assessment camps are held through NRHM, The main goal for SSA and the following RTE legislation will be Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) which is.

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